Screen Product

PHOTOMECH Company started new product cinema/home theatre screen herewith give you product cinema/home theatre screens surface use specification and screen material quality specification.



1. Screen material: pvc, width of the screen: 1.1 to 2.2 meter, Thickness: 0.30 to 0.35mm weight 0.50 to 0.53kgm/sqm Fire classification: USA NFPA701 and Germany B1 Screen hole size 1.2mm Standard, 0.5 Micron perforation Sound reduction: 1.2mm hole 4.5% 0.50 hole 1.7% Distance between eyelet: 150mm or 6" inch Screen seam: invisible
2. All screen foldable package, packaging, transportation and freight expenses save 70 %
3. All screen coated foldable/touchable not damage surface of screens
4. All screen prices are reasonable compare to other suppliers
5. We are doing job work screen coating for next generation type who are using white screen